I’ve been there. Let me help you through it.

Emma Mulvany

Certified Holistic Nutritionist
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer


I could not be more excited that you are here! Because it means you’re ready for a change and ready to take your life back.

I’ve been there.

A few times, actually! I was on a roller coaster of bad health and bad habits for YEARS. It wasn’t until I had my 2 beautiful girls that I knew I had to make some changes - for them and for myself! I want to be an example to them of what health and wellness look like - on the inside and outside.

It’s rare to find me without my girls. :D

It’s rare to find me without my girls. :D

Some things must go

No more sneaking the cookies while they look at the birdies out the window or wait for nap time to indulge in my favorite brownies instead of working out (like I told myself I would). And most importantly, no more putting myself down (verbally or in my actions). The negative thoughts weren’t serving me and they wouldn’t serve my girls.

to make room for more joy.

So I made that commitment (and I continue to recommit everyday) to take care of myself. And not just with bubble baths and manicures. I mean true care - eating nourishing food that will help me see my girls through all their growing years and beyond, movement that I enjoy and can share with them, and kindness so my mental health and creativity can flourish.

I set out to learn all I could about living well (and then learn more and learn more) and to experiment with what works and what doesn’t. This information-seeking journey included obtaining my certification in holistic nutrition (I was certified as a personal trainer prior to having kids) and I knew that I had to share what I learned with you - I can’t keep all this goodness to myself!


I’ll give you a sneak peek to my secret sauce of wellness programming: everyone is different. Now now, before you say “duh, Emma” - hear me out. Not every approach or plan works for everyone, this we know to be true. But we are also learning that every body is so different in the way it metabolizes nutrients and processes information from food and our environment that forging your path to wellness takes some exploration and experimentation - there’s gotta be room for flexibility; some trial and error; course correcting; and ultimately, growth. Add in the interplay of relationships, stress, work, family, exercise, etc etc and it gets overwhelming! But as a holistic nutritionist, I love being the investigator that digs deep and helps you chart your path to lifelong health.

I’ve got your back. My phased approach provides a guide for exploring all the areas that impact your true wellness and vitality, wrapped up in an easy to follow plan (your totally unique Wellness Protocol) - and my support all along the way. You’re never alone!

BA in Psychology with focus in Research Methods & Statistics (2012)

Certified Holistic Nutritionist with American Fitness Professionals & Associates (2018)
Certified Personal Trainer with International Sports Sciences Association (2016)

Nutritional Counseling Services
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Located in Des Plaines, IL*

*I love working one-on-one with those in the Chicagoland area! But if you’re not in the area, we’ll work together via video conferencing.