Hi there!

Every journey starts with a single step.

I’m Emma Jane Mulvany and I am a health and wellness junkie! I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist through American Fitness Professionals & Associates (AFPA) and a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA). I also have a BA in Psychology with a focus in Research Methods and Statistics.

Like many in my field, my journey to holistic nutrition and fitness was a very personal one. For years, I never felt well. Never. From an inflamed gut to joint pain and muscle aches to mood imbalances, I was suffering.  The list of specialists I saw over 10 years was varied and wide, from family doctors, neurologists, and rheumatologists to dermatologists, orthopedics, and psychiatrists. After every appointment, I was left disappointed, defeated, and without answers. After receiving ambiguous diagnoses of fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety, I ended up on a seemingly endless cycle of antidepressants and mood stabilizers that left me feeling numb and flat.

I was tired of being unheard, unwell, and medicated.

It wasn’t until my hand was forced with the pregnancy of my first child that I was safely brought off my medications and a new world was open to me. Without antidepressants, I had to build my toolkit (and fast!) with ways to heal and stay well. In a matter of weeks, I replaced my medications with meditation, journaling, healthy foods, and more of what made me feel good (what a concept!) that I was already feeling like my unborn daughter saved my life.

I felt like I had wasted 10 years of my life feeling numb and flat when it didn’t have to be that way.

I started on a path to wellness with a guided holistic approach that addressed the way I was thinking, feeling, and caring (or not) for my body. Through a lot of hard work both mentally and physically, experimentally and intuitively, I began to heal. I started to heal my gut, my relationship to food, and to myself. But most importantly, I began to heal the hurt I felt at having been failed by a broken medical system. One that I felt robbed me of 10 years in the supposed prime of my life.

That’s when I became passionate about helping others learn that feeling good is good. It serves us all and can heal our world.

And now it is my mission to help others reconnect with their bodies so we can all live our best lives and help heal our world.

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My mission is supported and motivated by my two beautiful daughters and beautiful husband who is the best hiking and cooking partner. We live in Des Plaines, Illinois with our daughters and two dogs and are always looking for new coffee shops to try and fun ways to explore nature!