Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is holistic nutrition?

A. At its simplest, holistic nutrition is the practice of using whole foods and healthy eating habits to improve your health, while also addressing stress, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors.

There is an abundance of support and research to show that what you consume impacts your body’s ability to do its job efficiently and effectively. And we also know that food and your health are not a 1 to 1 relationship. Every time you eat something, a process is set in motion and thousands of actions are taking place. You’re not just filling your stomach to satisfy the hunger pangs, you’re supplying your body with nutrients so it can continue to work for you.

When it comes to your body, it is best understood as a complex system, not individual parts that operate in isolation. What occurs in the digestive system impacts your immune system, your mental health, and every other system in your body.

The practice of holistic nutrition centers around understanding this complex relationship between what you consume and how your body responds - for each individual. So your customized Wellness Protocol is totally unique to you and the responses of your body.

To learn more about how it’s used in my practice, head over to You and Holistic Nutrition.


Q. How do sessions work and what happens in a session?

A. We can meet daytime, evening, or on the weekend - whatever works for you. With two little ones, I know it can be hard to schedule yourself into the mix if you have kids, so bring them along! Email me at if you have scheduling concerns.

In the initial consultation, we’ll assess your current experience, your goals for change, and I’ll provide an overview of my 3 phased approach. I’ll prepare you to get started on phase 1: Tuning In!

Subsequent sessions really take on a life of their own depending on your counseling needs. I am very open to following the path that unfolds for you, but realize that some clients do better with structure. So we’ll begin each session by reviewing your goals and making any adjustments that need to be made. Then there is opportunity to discuss reflections and revelations that came up in our time apart and assess your progress and next steps. This is also the time for you to bring any and all questions you have that may have come up since our last session.

Q. What happens during the free consultation?

A. Complimentary consultations are 30 minutes in length. We’ll begin with your health history, nutrition and wellness goals, and your current challenges and obstacles.

Then we’ll get into a deeper dive of how counseling works and I’ll make a recommendation for how we can work together to support your goals - and ultimate wellness!

You’ll leave the consultation having a clear idea of how I can support and guide you - and if we’re a good fit! Health is extremely personal and more than anything, I wish you success on your journey, whether that's with me or another professional. There is absolutely no obligation or required commitment after a consultation.

Q. What is in this Wellness Protocol you keep talking about?

A. It’s so much more than a “diet/meal plan”! (Side note: I actually cringe a bit inside when I hear the word ‘die't’, because it brings up feelings of deprivation, starvation, and unworthiness. But ‘diet’ simply refers to the food you eat. That’s it. No judgment, nothing good or bad. End rant:D).

Your customized Wellness Protocol is your unique plan that can include any and all of the following elements, depending on your specific needs and the goals we explore and set.

Based on your individual needs, your plan can include any combination of the following (I will discuss what parts will be included for your plan prior to creating it):

  • a detailed meal plan that includes

    • two-week sample meal plan with recipes and snack options

    • shopping list and retail suggestions for those not found in every grocery store

    • substitutions tailored to your tastes

    • tips for meal prepping in advance and making a healthy lifestyle convenient

    • tips for dining out and cooking for others

    • recipes galore!

    • tips for incorporating more whole foods into your life (and info for how to do this when you cook for more than yourself!)

  • exercise plan that can be tailored to

    • at-home workouts

    • minimal equipment or body weight-only exercises

    • gym style

    • time restricted

    • specific physical need or limitation

  • a food, mood, energy, and sleep log

  • information, trackers, and other resources on your specific lifestyle modifications (meditation recordings, journal prompts to keep you going after our time together)

  • supplemental education about your specific needs, if applicable (heart disease and diet, prevention of diabetes, food and other allergies, gut issues, etc.)

  • tips and resources for making successful changes and overcoming obstacles