Holistic Nutrition

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It’s a process, not a prescription.

While there is irrefutable evidence as to what constitutes the healthiest diet for longevity and increased quality of life, true holistic wellness is a process, not a specific prescription. It is about tuning into your body, your mind, and your life to find your path to true and lasting wellness.

So what is it?

At its core, holistic nutrition is the practice of using whole foods and healthy eating habits to improve your health, while also addressing stress, physical activity, and other lifestyle factors.

Traditional western health practices (known as allopathic) approach your symptoms separately, addressing one symptom at a time. Alternatively, a holistic approach views your symptoms as messages from your body that something is out of balance - and looks for the root cause behind all of your symptoms instead of taking a Band-Aid approach to individual symptoms.

The body is incredibly complex and when we view all our systems (digestive, respiratory, immune, etc.) through the lens of connectivity, treatments are much more effective and successful at bringing about lasting wellness - and food is the best treatment I know!

My Mission

To bring your body back to its optimal state through quality nutrition, physical activity, stress management, and lifestyle modifications (community, relationships, fun, and passion). Learn more about my philosophy.

My 3 phase approach

Most of the physical problems we experience - from the seemingly minor achy joints, headaches, gut and gastrointestinal issues, skin irritations, all the way to the more serious diseases of heart disease, cancer, diabetes - are symptoms that arise letting us know that something in our life is out of alignment. With a holistic approach, we can tune into those aspects of our environment that aren’t serving us and bring in more of what does.

The 3 phases for lasting change are

  • Tuning in - this phase is all about taking stock of what serves you. From your nutrition all the way to your spiritual practices and relationships, no area is left untapped for its potential contributions to your healing. In this phase, we’ll be tracking your current behaviors and doing some exercises to get to the core of your pain points.

  • Nourishing - this phase is all about nourishing your mind, body, and soul. You receive and begin implementing your customized Wellness Protocol (a completely customized and detailed nutrition, exercise, stress management, and lifestyle modifications plan) along with recommended fitness and stress management techniques.

  • Transforming & Thriving - this phase is all about beginning to identify with the healthy person you are becoming. This phase is about building confidence in your intuition and new plan to continue your wellness journey! The Transforming phase is 2-4 weeks in length, dependent on your specific needs, and includes mid-week check ins.

Learn more about the tools provided to you in each phase.

All of these phases look at the following areas with a curious and compassionate lens.

  • Nutrition and hydration (this is your foundation)

  • Physical activity and fitness

  • Sleep

  • Stress

  • Soul-enriching activities

The Nutrition

Part of a holistic approach is the focus on nutrient-dense, whole foods (with a huge emphasis on plant foods) that create the optimal environment for your body to truly THRIVE (we’re done with just ‘surviving’). A diet rich in whole, plant-based foods is the only diet that holds up in the literature to be the healthiest diet for humans. BUT, this process is about finding what serves you best. This is a time for you to explore and experiment to find what works best for you.

A special note if the thought of ‘giving up’ your weekly steak dinner gives you the sweats - I believe that nutrition is deeply personal. How and what we eat is not only nuanced and ingrained in our psyche, but it’s also cultural and complex. And depending on your specific conditions and needs, a 100% plant-based diet may not be your groove - and that’s OK! We will work together to find the foods and methods that work best for your unique body and soul. We will be looking critically at what foods are serving your health (and life) goals and which ones aren’t. Prepare to get real!

I’ve been through this process myself! Read more about my journey and my deeply personal mission.

The Cliff Notes

My approach is not about telling you what you should or should not eat, but rather inviting you to get curious about what your body is telling you.

Lots of diets focus on deprivation and what you can’t have.

Holistic nutrition puts the focus on the abundance of wonderful foods that enhance your life - creating a truly fun experience!

All food (not Frankenfood!) has value and isn’t inherently good or bad. It’s how your particular chemistry processes and handles food that determines how well it serves you. We’ll investigate what foods boost you and get curious about those that maybe don’t serve you.

If you’re at a point where your list of “can’t eat” foods is longer than your “can eat” list, you’re body is definitely sending you a message.

Have questions about holistic wellness, nutrition, or how we’d work together? I’d love to hear from you at emma@emholisticwellness.com!