Self-care Sundays, Anyone?

It’s not just a trend, it’s gaining traction for a reason. #selfcaresunday is a movement I love, but I wish it were #selfcareeveryday. Self-care is what enables us to operate at our best and bring our A-game to work, our families, and our passions. Its value can’t be understated for its impact on our central nervous system, mental health, and productivity. And when you sprinkle a bit throughout your day and week, an entire day on the weekend isn’t totally necessary - but heaven if you can manage it!

It doesn’t take a whole day to recharge.

Little self-care acts peppered throughout your day can add up to a generous dose of calm at the end of the day. Everything from a quiet moment with your first few sips of coffee or tea in the morning to an hour long meditation or yoga session in the evening - it all counts! What’s more important than your frequency or duration is doing something that is truly restorative for you, something that you connect with and is in alignment with what you value.

Keep a list of your favorite self-care activities in your planner or journal so you can easily fit in a moment to yourself among your other activities. I have a list that I am constantly adding to and revising based on what’s working for me lately and what I’m just not feeling anymore.

Activities that are restoring me lately -

  • reading a good fiction book. I love reading - anything from cereal boxes and street signs to the latest best sellers - but sitting down to read a good novel feels truly luxurious to my always-buzzing brain.

  • hot baths with epsom salts - throw in a hot towel behind my neck and candles and I’m in heaven.

  • a good cup of hot coffee or tea, enjoyed slowly

  • writing - I am a journal keeper. Always have been, always will be!

  • meditation or yoga - I love the Calm app, which has a variety of timed meditations, calming music, and I find the instructor’s voice very soothing.

  • walking - preferably outside but if I can’t manage it, the treadmill does the trick in the early mornings

  • working out - creating that mind/body connection is key to helping me feel well all day

  • painting nails, massaging hands

  • face mask - a good charcoal or mud mask is one of my favorite things!

  • doing the dishes - some days I just have to turn the ordinary into a self-care activity by changing the focus from a chore to a mindful moment.

  • cooking a nice meal - an activity that I find soothing and energizing. And bonus when I can find a good audiobook to accompany it!

  • a nice-feeling, bliss-smelling hand lotion - on super busy days, I pack my favorite hand lotion in my purse or diaper bag. When I have a moment, I work the lotion into my hands slowly, really enjoying the smell. It feels like a mini-break amidst whatever I am doing.

Self-care is an important part of wellness and something I address with everyone. If there’s a self-care activity you think I need to try, send me an email!

Coming soon are my tips for improving your sleep and why it matters!